Japanese Wooden Sushi Plates

Sushi plates – Sushi Plates are plates that are designed with the purpose for serving sushi, a Japanese delicacy that is popular in many parts of the world.  Sushi Plates are usually seasonal event, with themes that reflect seasonal changes, colors and patterns on the plates are designed for the food that is presented to them to fill without being overwhelming.

You can choose Japanese wooden sushi plate that complete with Cypress with Chopsticks and Soy Sauce Plate. This wooden sushi plates is made from Japanese cypress that grew in Shipment, Kochi Prefecture. Each plate is handmade by traditional Japanese craftsmen there, representing the art of Japanese craft and minimalism at its best. Sushi eaten on authentic Japanese wooden plate is the ultimate luxury. Comes with a pair of chopsticks and a round shout mini plate.

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But do not use hard sponge to wash this wooden sushi plates product. Avoid direct sun light. Do not soak it in water for a long time. Dry in shade immediately after wash. Wood produces tar, which is a sign of good quality – wash it off with a soft sponge more and more people are trying their hand in Asian cuisine. Joint preparation of sushi can be an excuse to have fun. It should ensure appropriate tableware, because the method of administration is as important as the flavor of the dish.

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